The Future of Medicine. Unleashing the Power of Novel Soluble Formulations

Aspire Biopharma is developing next generation absorption of medicine that will have a significant impact on the opioid crisis. Our nano technology drug formulation directly targets pain and inflammation bypassing the gastrointestinal tract.

Aspire’s technology comes from a new mechanism of action (absorption pathway) which allows for instant absorption in the mouth. Benefits of “instant absorption” are to provide nearly instant treatment impact and also allows high dose absorption.

Our technology can be applied to any number of proven, approved, “do no harm” drugs and supplements, such as analgesics, erectile disfunction and traumatic brain injury drugs.

Unveiling Biopharma's Innovative Technology

Learn more about our innovative formula and the ways it can help save lives. Find out how you can be part of the future of medicine

Aspire formula

Aspire Biopharma, Inc. has developed a disruptive technology that is a Novel Soluble Formulation which addresses emergencies, drug efficacy, dosage management, and response time.

Water Soluble
Our products dissolve quickly and easily

Perfects Dosage Management
Drugs do not pass through the liver and are not

Ph Neutral
Will not disturb your body’s Ph balance.

Bypasses the Digestive Tract
Eliminates adverse reactions in the gastrointestinal tract

Fast Acting
Powder-form medication developed using our patented formula

Our first product Instaprin is soon to be released to the public.